Victoria Michaels Foundation awards scholarship to two deprived children in Takoradi

There is always hope, no matter how bad the situation might seem. Sometimes what you need is to take the right step and you will be amazed at the end result.

Two months ago when a mother of two little girls Wendy (King David School) and Rachael Asam (Talent Plus Academy) both 5 & 3 years respectively contacted the Victoria Michaels Foundation in search of hope for her kids to continue schooling, little did she know she was entering an opened door of answered prayers.

She sounded really troubled when she made the request.

“I will like you to come to my aid by helping to pay my children’s school outstanding fees. My husband left the kids and me two years ago for Libya to seek greener pastures. It has been a real struggle and life has been tough ever since he left.  Even my pure water business hardly caters to the home front. My kids are constantly sent home from school due to my inability to pay their tuition fee on time”. She said.

The Africa Literacy Development Initiative (ALDI) through its Partnership to help underprivileged Children P.U.S.H initiative stepped in and has really brought to life the Victoria Michaels Foundation’s belief in the power of education and how far it can take one in life especially when given the opportunity. Victoria Michaels , Executive Director of the Foundation had these to say, “Each scholarship recipient has to be one whose parents is not able to support them through school for one reason or the other.”

This program actually was developed for deprived students in tertiary institutions not children in crèche, kindergarten, nursery, primary and so forth.

When the formal request from Mrs. Philipina Oti, mother of Wendy & Rachael Asam was received, we were quite hesitant and nearly declined the request since the program does not support kids at their level.

But after thoughtful deliberation over the importance of the need we came to the conclusion that if the kids are not given the opportunity at this stage of their lives, they probably wouldn’t even get to the tertiary level.

Together with our partners, Wendy was awarded a scholarship worth Ghc 8,100 covering her tuition from Kindergarten to Class 6.

Her sister, Rachel, on the other hand, was also awarded scholarship worth 7,100 from her period in KG3 to class 6. We believe in these kids and must do what we can to equip them with the education they need today so we can guarantee them a better tomorrow.

We are grateful to all VMF partners who have helped sponsor the PUSH program and are giving these children the opportunity to become better people in the future.

Madam Oti could not contain her joy and emotions as all she initially requested for was just a support to pay her children fee and not the full scholarships for both kids.

The management and students of both Wendy & Rachael’s school’s were elated at the gesture by the VMF foundation and requested that same should be extended for others less privileged kids in the school whose parents are not able to sustain their education.

They emphasized that these kids have potential to do great things in the future and for that matter be given the necessary push to achieve their desire.

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