Victoria Michaels Foundation Donates Library To Safe Haven Orphanage

The African Literacy Development Initiative, an educational intervention project of the Victoria Michaels Foundation has donated a complete library to the Safe Haven orphanage Adenta.

In a brief ceremony that brought a lot of excitement to both the kids and the management of the home, The convener of ALDI and International Model Victoria Michaels reiterated her commitment to promoting literacy development in Africa.

She also commended EPP books for their support for the project and called upon other well meaning corporate organizations and individuals to help ALDI achieve the goal of buildingĀ  more literacy centers for underserved communities.

Speaking at the event, the Principal of Safe haven orphanage, Mr.David Awudi, expressed their gratitude to the Victoria Michaels FoundationĀ  for giving the children of the home hopeĀ  through the ALDI.

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